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  • Elsy Quiroz

    Elsy Quiroz

    Elsy Quiroz

    Registered Dental Assisting (RDA)
    My high school teacher told me about this program so I signed up right when I graduated. I took Registered Dental Assisting and I really liked how quickly this course went. You won't regret going to SCE and you'll be extremely proud of yourself when you graduate.
  • Maria De Jesus Islas Flores

    Maria De Jesus Islas Flores

    Maria De Jesus Islas Flores

    Administrative Office Professional Program
    At the School of Career Education I improved my skills and was able to show my potential while working at internship job sites, and I was hired as an office assistant. SCE is a good investment for your future career.
  • Brooklin Milliere

    Brooklin Milliere

    Brooklin Milliere

    Registered Dental Assisting (RDA)
    I wanted a career that I could work at part time, making enough money to support myself. While working towards my licensing, I got hired at an orthodontic office after a working interview and the staff is surprised with my orthodontic assisting experience.
  • Tierryn Disney

    Tierryn Disney

    Tierryn Disney

    Registered Dental Assisting (RDA)
    My SCE teachers were wonderful, they did everything in their power to train all of their students and prepare us for work as RDAs.

Our Students’ Voices

In a recent survey, 100 percent of our students would recommend School of Career Education to a friend or family member for their career planning and training needs. Here are some of our great student success stories.

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Health Care

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Meet Rachel - Rachel was interested in nursing...

Rachel was interested in nursing as a career goal; however, without direct experience in the field, she was not sure that it was the right choice for her. She enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at the School of Career Education to get some hands-on exposure to the medical field and jumpstart her career and job prospects

“This class is a great way to get experience and knowledge about [the health care] field,” shared Rachel.  “I would highly recommend it.”

Meet Heather - Heather knew she wanted a career...

Heather knew she wanted a career in nursing, and had set a goal of becoming a neonatal nurse. However, in order to enter the Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) program offered at Riverside Community College, she first needed to obtain licensing as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She learned from a friend that the School of Career Education had a program that would help her achieve certification as a CNA in just a few m

“Working with the School of Career Education made me realize that there are teachers out there who care about you and your success,” shared Heather. “It is a great school.” Heather is now on her way to meeting her goals!

Meet Jose - Jose had struggled throughout...

Jose had struggled throughout high school and although he had graduated and was working, he was “jumping from job to job” and did not have a defined career path.  After some research, he decided to pursue a career in nursing. He came to the School of Career Education and enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course.

Jose was excited to learn the necessary skills, and he enjoyed the hands-on practice he received during the course. He now is licensed as a CNA, and looks forward to furthering his nursing education in the future.

Meet Maria - As a wife and mother...

Meet Maria Rowena

As a wife and mother, Maria Rowena had not been enrolled in school in many years. However, she wanted to return to the workforce and was interested in the health care industry. She knew that obtaining her license as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) would be a stepping-stone to a new career.  Maria Rowena enrolled in the CNA program at the School of Career Education.  Although it was a challenge to balance school and family life, Maria Rowena was inspired by the others in her class who were also working hard, and found that she easily able to focus on her goals and “become more career-oriented.” She is now ready to start a new job as a CNA.

Meet Karla - Karla had no plans after high school...

Karla had no plans after high school. She was working part time at a retail home improvement store and the late night and weekend hours gave her little time with her family. She had always wanted to work in the medical field, and she knew it was time for a change. Karla found the medical assisting class to be exciting and engaging. She appreciated how the instructor made sure all students had the chance to work in an externship to gain job experience.  Although she kept her part time job during training, Karla is now working full time and is considering enrollment in another training program to become a licensed vocational nurse. She shared, “Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.”

Meet Kristen - Kristen had recently divorced and...

Kristen had recently divorced and needed to support her two children. Although she had worked as an administrative assistant, she wanted a fresh start in a new career. She was uncertain about committing to training as a medical assistant, but once she was in the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant program, she knew she was in the right field. Her externship as a medical assistant at a local surgery center led to a full time job offer where she will use both her administrative and medical assisting skills daily. “It was a lot of work juggling family, work, and school, but with my family’s support, and the way the School of Career Education designed the classes, I was able to complete the course with high marks.” Kristen is now looking at further training in radiology.

Meet Tiffany - Tiffany was a senior in high school...

Tiffany was a senior in high school when she first came to Riverside SCE in 2009. She obtained her state license as a CNA, and she began working as a nursing assistant at one of our training sites, Country Villa in Murrieta. While working as a nursing assistant, she enrolled as a part-time student in the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program at Four D College in Colton. She has now passed the state board exam and is waiting for her state license so that she can practice as an LVN. Tiffany is the first in her family to further her education and accomplish this type of career goal.

Meet Melissa - Melissa was a single mother of three...

Melissa was a single mother of three children that started taking classes to become a nursing assistant in the fall of 2012. At the time she was struggling financially and knew she needed to gain training and education that would help her find a career that could support her family. Before finishing her first class, she knew she wanted to further her education in the nursing field. Melissa talked with her instructor about the classes needed to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse. After successfully completing her nursing assistant class in December 2012, she enrolled at Beaumont Adult School in January 2013. Melissa is now in her second semester of the LVN program and is doing well. She is working part time as a nursing assistant while attending classes.

Meet Chen - Chen’s husband had lost his job...

Chen’s husband had lost his job as an engineer, and the family’s finances were dwindling rapidly. Chen had been a stay-at-home mother to their four-year-old son, but she now needed to bring in some income for her family. After enrolling in a nursing assistant class, she discovered she liked the medical field and wanted to move forward with learning about careers in nursing. Chen talked with her teacher about the differences between the nursing assistant program and the licensed vocational nurse (LVN) program. After exploring career options, she enrolled in the LVN program at Beaumont Adult School. She is currently in her first semester of the LVN program and doing well. She works two days per week at a health care center and attends classes for the LVN program part time.

Meet Patricia - Patricia had experienced the very painful death...

Patricia had experienced the very painful death of her son after a long illness. She was ready to go back to work, but wanted a career where she could help others. Patricia was interested in entering the medical field as a CNA. A mentor suggested that she check out the opportunities at the School of Career Education. Although juggling her responsibilities at home with her coursework was challenging, she received encouragement from her teachers as well family and friends while in the program. She especially enjoyed the CNA/Acute Care and Home Health classes, because it allowed her to be hands on with the patients. She also appreciated classes in medical billing because it helped her understand medical terminology and insurance coding. “I was able to obtain employment after each course program,” shared Patricia. “Now, I go to work every day and I’m able to use everything that I learned in all my classes.” Patricia works at Riverside County Regional Medical Center and is enjoying her new career.

Meet Vanessa - Vanessa was working at a yogurt shop...

Vanessa was working at a yogurt shop with little chance for advancement. When she learned about the Pharmacy Technician class through Riverside County School of Career Education, she was excited about the opportunity to learn skills that would help her enter a field making more money and offering opportunity to move up. Vanessa completed the class and was hired as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens.  In a letter to her teacher, Vanessa expressed her thanks and shared, “I am now making more money and accomplishing the goals I’ve set for myself.  I feel successful and like I’m living my dream!”

Dental Program

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Meet Yury - Yury was still high school when...

Yury was still high school when a teacher recommended that she explore career opportunities available through the School of Career Education.  Yury had always wanted to work as a Dental Hygienist, and the SCE’s Dental Assisting program was a good fit for her.  She was uncertain about how she would finance the classes, but the enrollment specialist helped her arrange a financial plan.  “I’ve received a lot of ‘one on one’ attention and support to help me get through this program,” shared Yury.  After completing her internship, Yury was thrilled to be hired by her internship employer. “I feel excited about my career!” she said. “I feel successful now, and I have my foot in the door to my dream career.”

Meet Raelyn - Growing up, Raelyn had a lot of issues...

Growing up, Raelyn had a lot of issues with her teeth and spent a lot of time at the dentist and orthodontist to take care of them.  These struggles inspired her to want a career in Dental Assisting. At 18 years old, Raelyn was very motivated to achieve her goal.  Raelyn felt the program at Riverside SCE was a good fit because she would be prepared to take the State Boards at the end of the course, and she could begin working in her chosen career in less than a year.  After passing her board exam, she was hired quickly and began working three weeks later.

Meet Denisse - Denisse was exploring different career paths...

Denisse was exploring different career paths when she enrolled in Riverside SCE’s Dental Assisting class.  Right away, she realized that dentistry was the field she wanted to pursue.  As part of her coursework, she started an internship with a local dentist who has become a strong advocate and mentor for her.  “The School of Career Education has helped me understand the steps needed to become a Registered Dental Assistant and meet my goals,” shared Denisse. “I have the start of a great career.”

Meet Sharon - Sharon was determined to get ahead...

Meet Sharon

Sharon was determined to get ahead in life and find a field of work where she could advance her education and be successful.  Although she had little support from her family and friends for continuing her education beyond high school, she had a positive personality and enjoyed helping others.  She decided to explore a career in dental assisting through Riverside County School of Career Education.  During her first class in the fall of 2011, her teacher talked to the class about the career opportunities available to Registered Dental Assistants, and after some thought, Sharon decided to enroll in the program.  It turned out to be a great fit and she enjoyed the coursework very much.  Sharon’s positive attitude and ability to interact with others easily helped her land a job soon after completing her classes.  “I am so much happier now,” she shared. “I’m doing what I love, making good money.  The School of Career Education prepared me for real life, and helped me find a job. Because of my job as a Dental Assistant, I was able to purchase my first brand new car at the age of 18, which is something I never thought I would be able to achieve, especially at such a young age.”

Meet Reyna - Reyna was unsure about her future career...

Reyna was unsure about her future career.  She had several friends who were enrolled at Riverside County School of Education in the Dental Assisting program.  They encouraged her to explore the opportunities there.  Seeing their success in finding employment was the extra push she needed. Reyna enrolled in classes to become a Registered Dental Assistant. She also took an extra class outside of the regular curriculum to learn Coronal Polishing, a special skill that would help her be more marketable to employers. “I’m a very shy person,” shared Reyna.  “This program helped me come out of my shell by giving me the tools to be professional, prepare for job interviews, dress appropriately, and write a good resume. My internship helped me be more confident when interacting with people. Overall, the Dental Assistant program prepared me for work in this field.” After her internship, her employer hired Reyna. She is enjoying her new job!

Meet Martha - Martha was a single mother of two...

Martha was a single mother of two who needed to find a career that would allow her to support herself and her children.  She had several cousins who had gone through the Registered Dental Assistant program at Riverside County SCE and were now happy in their jobs, so she decided to enroll.  The School of Career Education helped Martha apply for a scholarship that would pay for her coursework, and the flexible program times helped her juggle her responsibilities as a parent. Part of the program includes an internship placement to gain work experience, and Martha was excited to be hired by her employer when her internship was complete. As for the RDA program, Martha shared, “I’d recommend it! I learned a lot and I really enjoyed going to class every day.”

Meet Arlene - Arlene was working at a fast food...

Arlene was working at a fast food restaurant where she had little chance for advancement in pay or responsibility.  She wanted to train for a new career, but she wanted an affordable program that would not take years to complete.  Arlene learned about the Registered Dental Assistant program through Riverside County School of Career Education.  The program fit her needs of being affordable, plus she’d be able to finish in less than one year.  She especially liked the internship opportunities, which would help her gain experience while finishing her classes.  “This program gave me confidence in myself, and the professional tools needed to find a better job,” shared Arlene.  “I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Medical Administration

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Meet Maria - Maria was working in the warehousing...

Maria was working in the warehousing industry but had to leave after a job-related injury. Gathering her courage to change career fields, she enrolled in the School of Career Education’s Medical Assistant Clinical/Administrative program. During the course she explored both the clinical and administrative sides of the industry, participating in two externships in medical billing and medical assisting. In both cases, she was offered a part time job at the externship site. Ultimately, she discovered she loved working with patients in the clinical environment.

As a wife and mother of two, Maria was challenged to balance the demands of two part time jobs, family, and school, but support and encouragement from her instructors helped her stay on track. She has just completed her training course and is working part time while looking for a full time position.

Maria shared, “I have found that not only am I passionate about the medical field but I would love to continue with higher education in nursing. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in the medical field.”

Meet Carleigh - As a high school student...

As a high school student, Carleigh was interested in nursing as a career, but had had little exposure to the health care field and was anxious about whether she would be able to perform medical procedures like giving an injection or drawing blood. She enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at the School of Career Education and quickly found her footing. Hands-on experiences in the classroom as well as an externship experience helped her gain confidence with performing medical procedures. In fact, she loved the work and began to see a bigger goal for herself after completing her program.

During the summer of 2014, Carleigh will be job-shadowing doctors at a local hospital and attending lectures as workshops as part of a Future Physician Leaders program. She has enrolled in community college to work on general education credits and pre-medical requirements, and will continue to work as a medical assistant. Her dream is to complete her bachelors degree and apply to medical school.

“This program has given me the discipline, confidence, knowledge, and experience that I need to continue with my future in the medical field,” shared Carleigh. “I feel like I have endless opportunities in front of me.”

Meet Lynette - As a mother, grandmother, and small business...

As a mother, grandmother, and small business owner, Lynette was ready to explore new career opportunities. Because of her interest in helping others, she was attracted to the health care field. She decided to enroll in the Clinical & Administrative Medical Assisting class. She found the support of the course instructor to be very valuable in preparing her for a new job.

“This experience opened my eyes to the career options that are available,” shared Lynette. “It is affordable, and you walk away with a certification that enables you to step directly into your career.”

Meet Viridiana - Viridiana had a job, but she knew she wanted...

Viridiana had a job, but she knew she wanted to return to school to further her education. There was not extra money in her budget to pay for school, and she did not want to take on a large debt. Viridiana was interested in health care and the medical field, but was not certain whether she was more suited for administrative/front office duties or for clinical/medical duties in the ‘back office’. The Medical Assistant – Clinical & Administrative Professional course was the perfect opportunity for her to experience both environments and explore the career more fully while gaining hands-on job training. Prior to enrolling, Viridiana met with a financial counselor and qualified for a flexible payment plan with no interest.

“The School of Career Education is affordable and [the class times] worked with my work schedule,” she said. “I am happy and relieved to say that I finished my course with no debt and have paid my full tuition.”

Medical Administration

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Meet Sergio - As a 36-year-old father to three children...

As a 36-year-old father to three children, Sergio felt like he was not contributing enough financially to his household because he did not have a stable career. He knew it was time for a significant change, so he enrolled in the School of Career Education’s Medical Assistant – Clinical program. “I wanted a career in which I could help others and truly challenge myself,” shared Sergio.

As a program graduate, Sergio is now working full time. He is proud to be using the skills he has learned and meeting his potential.

Meet Rafael - Rafael was working in the fast food...

Rafael was working in the fast food industry but wanted a different career that offered more opportunity for increased pay and advancement.  He decided to explore jobs available within the medical field, and found that Medical Administration was a good fit for his skills and interests.  Through the Riverside School of Career Education, Rafael took classes to become a Medical Administrative Assistant, and was placed into an internship to practice his newly acquired skills.  “I liked the fact that this program would get me into the workforce quickly, and it was also affordable,” shared Rafael. “After my internship, I was hired at the very same facility.”  Rafael is enjoying his new career!

Meet April - April was 35 years old and was dissatisfied...

April was 35 years old and was dissatisfied in her job. She wanted to work in a setting where she could feel a sense of contribution and helping others. After some research, she decided her goal was to work with patients in a physician’s office as an office administrator.  April came to Riverside School of Career Education to take classes in Medical Billing and Coding and Front Office Management.  She was placed into an internship with a local physician’s office, where she was able to practice the skills she’d learned in class. She made a great impression and received a job offer from her internship employer. April offers this advice to others: “If you feel it in your heart to change careers, do not hesitate. Just go for it. Helping others was my motivation, but it led me to further my education. In my new job, I feel appreciated and fulfilled.”

Meet Charisma - Charisma wanted to work in the medical field...

Charisma wanted to work in the medical field, but did not want to become a nurse or health care provider.  When she explored other career options, the possibility of working as a medical administrator appealed to her. At Riverside School of Career Education, Charisma took classes in Medical Front Office Management. She was happy that the program would prepare her for the workforce in a short amount of time, and that it was affordable for her family. After her internship, Charisma was hired by Eisenhower Medical Center as a medical administrative assistant. “The programs and teachers at this school give students the education they need to be successful,” shared Charisma.

Welding Program

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Meet Brian - A high school student, was having a hard time...

Brian, a high school student, was having a hard time in school.  He wasn’t doing well in his academic classes.  He was referred to the Riverside School of Career Education to help him explore career paths and find an area of work that interested him.  He began by taking classes in the welding program, and the ‘hands-on’ environment was a great fit for him.  Brian continued the program after graduating high school, and did very well in his classes.  Brian was hired as a welder and has now been with his current employer for over five years.  He is married with a child, and owns a home.  Brian has encouraged others to take welding, saying, “These classes give students a chance for success.” He is grateful for the opportunity the SCE program gave him.