Opening June 1st

Opening June 1st



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A Not-For-Profit School
Run by the Riverside County
Office of Education

With more than 40 years of experience successfully offering Career Technical Education (CTE) courses in K-12 public schools, the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) CTE Unit operates the School of Career Education (SCE) to meet the growing CTE education needs of adults living and working
in Riverside County.

Council on Occupation Education COE


We are accredited by:

Council on Occupational Education

Accredited Council on Occupational Education COE

Two Convenient Locations

Riverside – Alessandro (Main Campus)
Indio – Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center (Branch Campus)

Extension Campus
Riverside – Grindstaff Center II – Dental


Rosario Galindo

Business Occupations

The environment here at the school was great. Always friendly and helpful. It helped me in a lot of different ways in the professional field. I wanted an office job and I got it and it helped me with communication in an office environment.


Veronica Bailey

BUSINESS Occupations

I really felt that the teacher was really concerned about our learning and not only interested in our learning they were interested in investing themselves in us. So I really appreciate that.


Adam Tardy

Pharmacy Technician

The most beneficial part has been our instructor, he’s an hospital oriented instructor so he focuses us being prepared to get a job.


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