Programs and Schedules

Business Occupations

Designed for persons interested in working in a professional business environment, with an emphasis on Human Resources, Small Business Accounting and Payroll, and Business Communications. Students will master a variety of skills used in large and small businesses through the study of legal and regulatory issues that arise in the workplace, professional communication management, Human Resource Management, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing including Microsoft Publisher, Accounting with QuickBooks and Payroll Accounting.

Dental Assistant

This course prepares students to successfully meet the license requirements and pass the Dental Board of California registered dental assistant exam.

Medical Assistant Occupations

This course is designed to train and prepare students for entry-level employment as an assistant to the doctor in an office, clinic or healthcare center.

Nursing Programs

Our Patient Care Technician program is a three-phase program that includes Nursing Assistant, Acute Care, and Home Health Aide. Persons completing this program will be equipped to work in a Hospital, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, and Residential Health Agencies.

Pharmacy Technician

Designed to provide students with the skills and understanding of the profession to perform as a pharmacy technician in different practice settings, such as hospitals, retail pharmacies, jails, correctional facilities, office buildings, infusion centers and state/government jobs.


Designed to prepare students for employment as phlebotomists and/or provide supplemental training for students previously or currently employed in the healthcare industry.


Welding for Skills Upgrade

This course involves welding tasks using arc, metal inert gas (M.I.G.), tungsten inert gas (T.I.G.), and has welding equipment, for advancement in manufacturing positions in the welding industry.

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