What is HEERF II?

On December 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act was signed into law. This new COVID stimulus bill included $23 billion for higher education institutions and students, using the same Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) model established in the previously passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This second round of federal emergency funding is often referenced as “HEERF II.” HEERF II funds must serve a variety of purposes including providing nontaxable federal grants to selected students. Riverside County Office of Education/School of Career Education received $446,160.00.

What can the HEERF II grant funds be used for?

Students may use HEERF II grant funds to pay for educational expenses or emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as:

  • any component of their cost of attendance
  • emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as:
    • Tuition
    • Educational Supplies
    • Food
    • Housing
    • Healthcare (including Mental)
    • Child Care

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for HEERF II grant funds, students must have attended Riverside County Office of Education/School of Career Education have a complete application for financial aid including submission of a FAFSA to the U. S. Department of Education and submission of any federally required supplemental documents to the Financial Aid Office.

In addition, federal law requires that funds be provided only to U. S. Citizens or eligible non-citizens. Generally, an eligible non-citizen is a documented immigrant who is in the United States for a purpose other than temporary. For more information on who qualifies as an eligible non-citizen, visit:

This eligibility information is obtained from the 2020-2021 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Do I need to repay HEERF II aid?

No. It is an emergency federal grant.

Do I need to complete a special application in order to apply for HEERF II grant funds?

No. Eligibility is determined based on information provided on the 20-21/21-22 FAFSA.

If I receive HEERF funds, must I continue to enroll at SCE?

No. Although you are certainly welcome to complete your education at SCE, there is no obligation that you do so.

How will I receive payment of the HEERF II grant funds?

Payment will be posted to your student ledger unless otherwise specified.

If I am eligible, when will I get my payment?


Will this payment affect financial aid eligibility for next year?


Is this grant included in my adjusted gross income?

No. The IRS has declared that HEERF II grants are nontaxable income that should not be reported. For more information, visit:

What if I need more emergency funding?

Riverside County Office of Education/School of Career Education has provided students with HEERF II grant moneys than have been allocated to us by the federal government. At present, no further HEERF II funds are available, but you may be eligible for additional federal financial aid.

 Additional HEERF funds from the American Rescue Plan Act are forthcoming. When they are available, we will let you know.

I have outstanding charges on my student account. Will this grant reduce those charges?

No. The grant will be paid directly to you through a check in the mail. If you have a balance due on your student account, you can choose to use the funding to pay your balance or use it for other expenses.

Are students who withdrew from their classes eligible?


Why haven’t I received any HEERF II grant payments yet?                                   

Riverside County Office of Education/School of Career Education only recently received the funds and clarified the criteria for eligibility based on guidance provided by the U. S. Department of Education and the University’s legal counsel.