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Gainful Employment Disclosures

Completion and Placement Rate Calculation Methodology


Riverside County Office of Education, School of Career Education (SCE) is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The accreditation process assures quality and integrity in career technical education. As Part of our COE accreditation, we are required to calculate completion and placement rates for our programs.

Following is an explanation of the process used to gather placement data as well as the calculation methodology:

To obtain placement data, SCE’s instructors and staff compile employment information. Students are contacted by instructors and staff who submit placement/exit survey information to the attendance department. A report detailing whether students are currently employed, continuing their education, in the military, seeking employment, unemployed, unable to work or refuse employment is maintained in our Student Information System. This information is logged and maintained by faculty and attendance technician. The survey requires students to answer questions regarding their employer, position, and income. If students are continuing their education, it is noted. All students, former and current are encouraged to contact Student Services to provide placement updates.

The 12 month period starting on July 1 and ending June 30 is the reporting period used to calculate the completion and placement rates. The rates are calculated and submitted in December of each year and include all students who began or were continuing their program of study during the reporting period.

The completion rate is defined as:

The number of graduate completers divided by the cumulative enrollment number minus the number of students still enrolled multiplied by 100.

Placement rates are calculated on students who graduate from the program during the reporting period mentioned above, as well as students who left the program before graduation, but have acquired sufficient competencies for employment in the field (or related field) as evidenced by such employment during the reporting period. Graduates are counted as placed if they are employed in the field (or related field) of instruction, have entered the military, or are continuing their education. COE does allow for graduates who are unavailable for employment (due to conduct, pregnancy, other serious health-related issues, caring for ill family members, death, etc.), graduates who are waiting to take their licensure exams, graduates who transferred to another program within the institution, and graduates who have refused employment (by failing to keep interview appointments, enrolling in the program of instruction strictly for personal use, or simply refused an employment offer in the field of instruction) to be excluded from the placement calculations.

The calculation for placement is defined as:

Total number of placements (including graduates who went into the military or continued their education) divided by total number of completers minus unavailable graduates and those who refused employment multiplied by 100.


Gainful Employment Disclosures