Get in at the School of Career Education!

Here at the School of Career Education we recognize that it may be difficult to get back in the swing of things near the end of the summer season. No Sweat! Our admissions team is here to help here’s a small check list to help you get through the enrollment process:

  1. Call (760) 863-3333 or (951)826-4723, schedule and attend an Orientation & Assessment appointment!
  2. Complete your FAFSA application online at
  3. Complete your student interview online at
  4. Call (760) 863-3333 or (951)826-4723, schedule and attend your appointment to discuss your financial aid!
  5. Come on in with your ID, Social Security Card, high school transcripts and payment as discussed during your financial aid appointment

Remember, if you get stuck don’t give up! Call your Admissions Technician and get some help! Our #1 goal at SCE is STUDENT SUCCESS! That begins at step 1 and doesn’t end until our students are employed!

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