good job

May 2020 – Students of the Month

good job

good job

Riverside Campus

Dental Assistant / RDA Eligible

Ignacio Padilla

Ignacio continues to grow in his knowledge and has demonstrated exceptional professionalism during the school year!


Emergency Medical Technician

Elvia Sanchez

Elvia Sanchez has completed all her assignments on time as have a keen attention to detail on all assignments.

Maria Fortis

Maria Fortis shows thoughtfulness on all assignments, attentional to detail and timely completion of all homework assignments.


Medical Assistant Bootcamp

Cynthia Calderon

Cynthia promptly turns in all work assigned, attends the optional Zoom chats and always has insightful input, whether on the Google Classroom forum or on the Zoom chats. Cynthia submits high quality work, obviously a point of pride with her! I believe Cynthia Calderon will make a great addition to any health care team she chooses to join!

Indio Campus

Administrative Office Professional Bootcamp

Greg Segura & Maria Rodriguez

Both Greg and Maria have been staying in communication with their instructor while we have had to be on home studies, and continue to comment on the online class posts in a positive nature. These students are doing excellent with their assignments and tests!

Pharmacy Techician

Alan Jones

Alan has the second highest grade in his class! Although he was falling somewhat behind at the beginning of April he has worked hard to get all caught up and shows a tremendous amount of determination and dedication. Keep up the great work Alan!

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