Medical Clinical Administrative - School of Career Education

November 2020- Program Highlights

Medical Clinical Administrative - School of Career Education


Medical Clinical Administrative Professional

Student Vitals

SCE Indio as gotten through the first part of our semester with success! After weeks of distance learning from home students have returned to campus and are completing hands-on skills training as required before internship placement. Our Medical Clinical Administrative Professional students are learning to take vital signs, administer CPR and give injections effectively. As they work together under the supervision of their instructor Mr. Rivera our MCAP students continue to strengthen their skill sets and prepare to be an essential worker by 2021.    


Phlebotomy Students Practice Skills

SCE Riverside Phlebotomy students are almost complete with their course. Students have been busy mastering their skills on campus in preparation for their externship. Soon they will be ready to take the NCCT Phlebotomy Technician exam and enter the World of Work. Students have worked hard along side their instructor, Mrs. Hunt, to learn their competency skills and be ready to be an ideal candidate for employers.


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