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November 2021- Student of the Month

good job

good job

Riverside Campus

Dental Assistant / RDA Eligible

Mrs. Kowalski would like to recognize Andrea Ramirez as October’s Student of the Month! Andrea has demonstrated leadership skills and an exceptional work ethic. Congratulations Andrea!

Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy

Mr. O’Neil would like to recognize April Rose Manatad and Valery Pena as the students of the month for the Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy class.

April Rose has perfect attendance and always submits quality work on time. She excels with all clinical and lab skills. April Rose has a professional appearance and demeanor, and treats her colleagues with respect. She excels on tests and pop quizzes. April Rose Manatad will make a great additional to any health care team!

Valery Pena is always willing to help out her classmates and the instructor with extraneous tasks and clinical skills. She has excellent attendance and always submits quality work on time. She works well with her colleagues. Valery excels n tests and pop quizzes, and has excellent math skills. Valery Pena will make a great additional to any health care team.

Pharmacy Technician

Ms. Castillo would like to recognize Nanci Ramirez and Oscar Santollo as her Student of the Months. Both are enthusiastic learners who show initiative in all their work.


Indio Campus

Business Administration

Ms. Gray has selected Sharon Sanford and Briana Rivera as the Students of the Month for Business Administration. Sharon constantly demonstrates her ability to work with others and presents a positive attitude. She is very well organized and uses her strengths to support others. Briana is an active participant in class discussions and she shares her prior knowledge of Business Administration in a positive manner through individual and group interactions. Keep up the amazing work!

Dental Assistant/ RDA Eligible

Our Dental Assistant class here in Indio have chosen  Christian Garcia and Jazmin Vasquez as the Students of the Month. Christian was chosen because her is very helpful to others and make the class fun! Jazmin was chosen because she is so nice and helpful towards her fellow students and has a great sense of humor. Keep up the great work students!

Medical Assistant

Our Medical Assistant instructor Ms. Villanueva picked two Students of the Month as well. Her first pick is Isabel Zamora for just being an overall great student. She is always on time, willing to come in before or after class for additional help and is always looking for ways to improve. Ms. Villanueva also picked Fatima Sotelo; she has such a heart for helping others  and does great with staying on task in class. Great job and congratulations to them both.

Patient Care Technician

Our Instructor Mrs. Crow would like to recommend Arlyn Jimenez as Student of the Month in Patient Care Technician. She has been very helpful when other students ask for her assistance; she has maintained an A in the class and ask questions that are thought provoking when she does not understand. She has characteristics of a leader and will surely excel in the industry!

Pharmacy Technician

Ms. Castillo  has selected Ruth Camacho and Jasmine Garcia as Students of the Month for the Pharmacy Technician program. They have both demonstrated strong effort to learn and accomplish their assignments. Keep up the great work and congratulations!

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