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October 2020 – Student of the Month

good job

good job   Riverside Campus

Dental Assistant / RDA Eligible

Mrs. Kowalski would like to recognize Ivonne Reyes-Romero as the student of the month. Ivonne demonstrates strong leadership skills and takes initiative. We are proud to have her in the Dental Assistant / RDA Eligible program. Congratulations Ivonne!

Medical Clinical Administrative Professional

Mr. O’Neil would like to recognize Gabriela Gausin-Pacheco as his student of the month, Gabriela demonstrates consistency and punctuality regarding her online classroom submissions, contributions, and professional attitude. She consistently scores very well on tests. She is an A student with perfect attendance. Gabriela demonstrates excellence on a daily basis, and we are proud to have her in the MCAP program. Congratulations Gabriela!

                        Indio Campus

Administrative Office Professional

We would like to congratulate Juan Gutierrez and Nathaly Delgado on receiving Student of the Month for September 2020. Our instructor Mrs. Sanchez chose them both for their academic excellence and perfect attendance throughout the school semester. We commend you both and encourage you to continue setting the example.

Dental Assistant/ RDA Eligible

We would like to congratulate Andrea Garcia- Alaniz on Receiving Student of the Month for September 2020. Ms. Comstock is very pleased with all of the efforts Andrea is showing. She is a problem solver and continues to join online meeting daily to participate in class meetings. Andrea is committed to her education and works hard to overcome obstacles as well as keeping a positive attitude. Well done Andrea!





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