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October 2021- Student of the Month

good job

good job

Riverside Campus

Dental Assistant / RDA Eligible

Mrs. Kowalski would like to recognize Atziry Macias as her first student of the month for the school year! Atziry has shown commitment to her studies and has a great passion for learning and applying her knowledge. Congratulations Atziry!

Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy

Mr. O’Neil would like to recognize Daniyal Scott and Zuleth Grijalva as the students of the month for the Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy class.

Daniyal demonstrates leadership qualities, is always assisting others with skills and homework. She treats other with kindness and respect. Daniyal will make a great addition to any health care team!

Zuleth demonstrates leadership qualities and is happy to assist others with skills and homework. She participates in all classroom discussions, offering insight and asking for clarification when needed. Zuleth consistently turns in all work on time and scores very high on weekly test. She is always on time and dressed professionally. Zuleth will make a great addition to any health care team.

Patient Care Technician

Mrs. Crow would like to recognize Vanissa Ballard as the student of the month for the Patient Care Technician program. Vanissa comes with some experience in taking care of clients in an assisted living facility and uses that experience in assisting other students in the class to associate certain medical knowledge with some of the activity’s students complete. She is an asset to the Patient Care Technician program.

Pharmacy Technician

Mrs. Castillo would like to recognize Ashley Seo. Ashley has the highest GPA and has demonstrated tremendous teamwork by using her knowledge in helping others. Congratulations Ashley!


Indio Campus

Dental Assistant/ RDA Eligible

Our Dental Assistant students have voted Olivia Cordova as student of the month. Olivia is very helpful and friendly towards her classmates. She is always willing to participate in class discussions and has a positive attitude. Great work Olivia!

Medical Assistant

The students of the month in our Indio Medical Assistant program are Debbie Forbes and Anahi Martinez. Debbie has shown her ability to collaborate well with diverse groups and is wise in sharing her prior knowledge in healthcare when appropriate. Anahi demonstrates determination in understanding the content un her Medical Assistant class and advocates for herself as a learner through questions and reflection. We are very proud of them both!

Pharmacy Technician

Our Pharmacy Technician instructor Ms. Castillo has chosen Arlene Carpela as student of the month. Arlene has shown leadership in class and is always willing to assist her fellow classmates when they need help. Congratulations Arlene, keep leading by example!


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